Massage device

Travel Varix System TVS compression sleeve is professional mobile massage device. Simple and original solution to prevent Heavy Legs Syndrome caused usually by long time travelling in car, train, bus, aeroplane… or by sedentary occupation. Expansion and contraction cycles applied shortly above the ankle create effective massage to support blood and lymph flow in the bottom legs and release tension and pain.


Travel thrombosis is a special form of the Deep Vein Thrombosis. Sitting motionless for a long periods during traveling mainly in the plane, bus or train significantly reduces blood flow in deep veins of bottom legs – so there is a high risk of thromb formation. Using sleep medicals during travelling causing just less movements. Lower humidity in the plane and reduced fluid intake leads to blood thickening. Blood flow in the bottom legs is more reduced so. It is one of the most important cause leading to Thrombosis. In such a case your leg could swell in pain and skin get blue or red color. Be aware, those symptoms are not always present, nevertheless veins can be damaged and this leads in some critical cases to the Pulmonary Embolism!



TVS compression sleeve helps:

  • heavy legs syndrome
  • signs of the lymph swelling
  • bottom legs blood flow improvement
  • reduction of the bottom legs swelling
  • blood flow related diagnoses